Newest Projects
Ely Cathedral

They say a picture can tell a thousand words and what more can I say when we are working at the beautiful Ely Cathedral. 


Working along side Fighter Collection at Imperial War Museum, Duxford, we were called into assist with the dismantling of a P51-Mustang to be shipped to the USA for restoration. I (Julie) took the opportunity to see Darren in action and what a privilage it was. Take a look through the images and enjoy. 

Tree of Life Encounter

Installation of sculpture at Woolf Institute yesterday craned in using our LTM 1055 Leibherr mobile crane. 

Newest Videos
Royal Air Force Museum - Boat Move

Well, what a busy month it has been, May saw one of the biggest contract lifts to date. Martin Burgess had been planning the lift for 2 years devoting his time and organising everything from the lift team, mobile crane, portable trackway, lifting frame, spreader beams, new boat stands, transport and even right down to the smallest shackle. A very proud moment and what a privilage to be involved in such a high profile project with The Royal Air Force Museum, London.

Tank Museum Move - Sep 2016 

Alongside our good friends Borley Brothers Engineering we spent just over a week bringing back 11x WWII military vehicles from Bovington Tank Museum near Bournemouth to a secret location!

This video demonstrates what goes into just getting two immobile vehicles on and off a trailer.... Well done to our John Abbott for another Stirling job!

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